Road Traffic Accident victim awarded £250,000

In June 2019 a client of Brendan Kearney & Co. was awarded £250,000 after incurring significant physical and psychological injuries from a road traffic accident. Liability was initially disputed by the other driver’s insurance company, and a consultant engineer was then engaged to provide an expert report on the circumstances of the accident.

On foot of this report and medical evidence in the form of orthopaedic reports and psychiatric reports, proceedings were issued in the High Court. The client was also deemed to be unable to return to full time working duties and as a result of this a forensic accountant was engaged to determine the client’s future loss of earnings. Negotiations took place the week before the case was listed for hearing and a figure of £250,000 was agreed in settlement of the case.

The client was very relieved and happy with the outcome stating that this would go some way to putting his life back on track after the trauma he experienced over the last few years.