Republic of Ireland Road Accident case settles for €350,000

Brendan Kearney was contacted about a road traffic accident from a former client who resided in Northern Ireland but who had an accident in the Republic of Ireland. As we are also qualified to practice in the Republic of Ireland, we were able to take this case on for the client who had suffered life-threatening injuries.

As our client went through a long period of rehabilitation the legal side of things became more complicated as it transpired that there were two other vehicles involved in the accident with one of the driver’s being uninsured. Given that it is still possible to take a case against an insured driver in the Republic of Ireland through the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) we issued proceedings against both drivers.

Although the client did not have to attend Court the case proceeded to a hearing in Dublin to determine the level of liability to be attributed to each driver. After the hearing concluded, the client was compensated in full for the serious injuries he suffered. He was very grateful for the fact that Brendan was able to have the case run as a liability contest only which saved the client the additional stress of having to attend Court and give evidence.