The 2014-2016 Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry, often referred to as the HIA Inquiry, was the largest inquiry into historical institutional sexual and physical abuse of children in UK legal history. Its remit covered institutions in Northern Ireland that provided residential care for children from 1922 to 1995, but excluded most church-run schools. The Inquiry’s Report was delivered to the First Minister and deputy First Minister on 6 January 2017, shortly before the deadline of 18 January, and published on 20 January. Following on from this the HIA Redress Board was set-up and created a scheme to compensate victims of historical institutional abuse.

The HIA Redress Scheme

The HIA Redress Scheme is a government scheme set-up to compensate victims of historical institutional abuse and opened for applications on 31st March 2020. The Scheme allows for legal assistance to be provided to applicants to assist with the application process, which can be complex, and where necessary representation at oral hearings. This legal assistance will be paid for by the Redress Board and therefore is at no cost to the applicant. The Scheme will also cover any reasonable expenses incurred by the applicant. Please speak to us for further advice on this.

Our Unique Expertise

Eoin Kearney, one of the partners at our Practice, previously worked on the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry as part of the HIA Inquiry Team. He, therefore, has unique experience and a wealth of knowledge in this area to provide victims of abuse with the necessary legal representation required to obtain the level of compensation that they deserve.

Please contact us today at no cost to you and we can provide further advice around this and assist with making your application in the quickest possible time.

Eoin Kearney
Eoin Kearney


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