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Personal Injury Claims

If you have suffered an accident or injury that wasn’t your fault, let our personal injury solicitors help you claim the compensation you deserve.

At Brendan Kearney & Co. Solicitors we have built our practice on getting results for our clients without undue delay. We do this because we fully understand the difficulty you and your loved ones may be experiencing at this time. You may be unable to work, or even carry out basic household tasks and personal care. Our solicitors have helped thousands of people obtain the compensation they need to move on with their lives following an accident or injury, supporting every client each step of the way. From minor fractures right up to the most severe life-altering injuries, our team of dedicated lawyers can provide expert advice and practical support at this challenging stage in your life.

To discuss your specific circumstances with someone who can help, contact us today by calling 028 2712 66935 or complete our online enquiry form, and we will get back to you right away. We look forward to helping you.

Expert Personal Injury Lawyers in Derry-Londonderry

When it comes to making a personal injury claim, you need a lawyer who not only makes you feel at ease but one who will fight for your interests when you need it most. Our solicitors are well-known for their fierce negotiating skills, and exceptional outcomes in the courtroom. We understand that the process of taking legal action may seem daunting, but we will support and guide you at each stage of the process.

We also have developed a specialist practice in bringing Medical/Clinical Negligence claims. This list is not exhaustive, and if you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact us today. There is a time limit for bringing a claim, so it is essential to act quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we get asked here at Brendan Kearney and Co.

Can I Bring a Personal Injury Claim?2023-08-01T15:24:32+00:00

Generally, to bring a personal injury claim, you must have suffered an accident or injury within the last three years. Your injury must have been at least partially the fault of another party. There are exceptions to these rules, and as such to get a proper assessment of your case, you should contact our team for a complimentary consultation on the likelihood of your claim succeeding.

How do I Make a Personal Injury Claim?2023-08-01T15:24:32+00:00

The first step in making a personal injury claim is to get in contact with a specialist lawyer. When you contact our team, we will make an initial assessment of how likely your claim is to succeed, and advise you how best to proceed – there is no obligation to continue with your claim at this stage. If you do decide to continue with your claim, we will help gather evidence to support your claim including; pictures of the accident, witness statements, police reports and medical reports detailing your injuries. We will use this evidence to build your claim to cover all of the ways in which you have suffered loss.

How Much Could I Claim for my Injury?2023-08-01T15:24:32+00:00

How much you might be able to claim following an accident or injury will significantly depend on the extent of your injuries, your potential for recovery and any financial loss you have suffered or may continue to suffer. Not only can you claim compensation for your injury, pain and suffering but your financial loss too. This may include; loss of earnings, loss of future earnings, medical and care expenses, travel costs and child care costs. You can even recover the costs of necessary modifications to your home where this is required. We will always make a claim for the maximum compensation owed because we know how important a financial award might be in helping you recover fully. Our lawyers truly care about achieving a successful outcome for you and helping you move on with your life.

Will I Need to go to Court?2023-08-01T15:24:32+00:00

Brendan Kearney & Co. Solicitors always strive to resolve your case without delay, which is why we avoid court action where possible. We are fierce negotiators and will negotiate with the other party’s insurers to obtain a fair settlement for you. This means that in most cases court action is not required. However, where you are not being offered the compensation you deserve, and we are confident that your case has a good chance of success, we may pursue court action to get you maximum compensation.

Contact Our Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors in Derry-Londonderry Today

If you need a legal team ready to support you and fight for your best interests contact us today. Our solicitors are not only tenacious lawyers who get results but are also supportive and understanding throughout your case. We will explain everything to you clearly and concisely, to ensure you fully understand the best options for you. To discuss the specific circumstances of your case with a lawyer that can help, call us now on 028 71 266935 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you right away. We look forward to getting you the help you need.

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