Gum disease Dental Negligence claim settles for £70,000

Our client attended with a local dental practice for fitting of cosmetic implants. This case centred around the failure to carry out adequate dental examinations and diagnose the presence of periodontal disease, which is gum disease, prior to the fitting of the implants. The presence of periodontal disease inevitably caused the implants to fail and caused further bone loss in our client’s mouth. The impact of the negligent treatment was profound and affected not only our client’s oral health but also her mental health as she suffered stress-related issues due to the substandard dental care and the length of time this went on for.

After protracted negotiations with the solicitors representing the individual dentist and separate solicitors representing the dental practice, we were able to secure a settlement of £70,000. The figure obtained was reflective of the pain and suffering caused by the substandard dental care and also the additional cost of both restorative dental work and preventive hygienist treatment for many years to come.

The client, who had initially not been aware she could take a case in dental negligence, was very happy with the settlement figure and that it included funding for her future dental care needs also.