Delivering The Best Result For Our Clients Within The Quickest Possible Timeframe


Delivering The Best Result For Our Clients Within The Quickest Possible Timeframe

Whilst the majority of births are managed safely and without injury, on occasion medical professionals make mistakes. If the medical care provided falls below an acceptable standard during pregnancy or childbirth the consequences of such mistakes can be traumatic and often long-term. This care comprises of the antenatal care received during pregnancy to ensure safe gestation and prevention of potential health problems throughout the course of the pregnancy; also, the necessity for careful monitoring and care throughout the course of labour, delivery and shortly after the birth. Some birth injuries are unavoidable, however in certain circumstances, such injuries can be attributed to the actions or omissions of doctors and medical staff. There are a broad range of injuries, conditions and illnesses that can occur as a result of substandard care during childbirth.

Our expert team has helped families claim compensation for a variety of birth traumas and common aspects of such injuries include:
• Lack of oxygen at birth leading to conditions such as Cerebral Palsy
• Nerve damage due to a difficult delivery resulting in conditions such as Erb’s Palsy
• Shoulder dystocia
• Umbilical cord complications
• Uterine rupture
• Complications arising from caesarean section
• Spinal cord injuries and fractures
• Issues with anaesthetics
• Inadequate fetal monitoring
• Injury caused by improper use of forceps during birth
• Injury due to an assisted ventouse delivery
• Misdiagnosis of a baby’s condition or illness

Birth injuries also involve maternal injuries suffered as a result of the birth itself and can include:-
• Perineal injury – Perineal tears are graded in degrees dependant on severity ranging from first degree to fourth degree tears. Severe tears often lead to long term complications for the mother requiring specialist treatment. A failure by medical practitioners to diagnose severe perineal tears will result in exacerbation of symptoms.
• Injury caused by assisted delivery or as a result of caesarean section
• Retained placenta
• Issues caused as a result of an episiotomy
• Inadequate suturing in the repair of perineal tears requiring further intervention or repair

If a baby, its mother (or both) are injured during childbirth the consequences of such an injury can have a devastating and far-reaching impact on the whole family. Our experienced team possess the legal and medical knowledge required for complex birth cases and take a caring and sensitive approach to ensure you are supported throughout the legal process.

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