Surgical Mesh Medical Negligence Cases

At Brendan Kearney & Co. we represent several female clients who have had hugely adverse healthcare issues following insertion of a pelvic/surgical mesh through the NHS here in Northern Ireland.

The mesh itself is used for urogynaecology procedures mainly to address organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence issues in women. Most of our clients suffered almost immediate problems after insertion of the mesh, however some clients’ issues did not materialise until a few years after the procedure.  Some of the initial health issues which arose were new bladder problems, severe constipation, and urinary tract infections. Unfortunately, further significant issues arose for our clients in the months and years following the mesh procedure in the form of mesh erosion, dyspareunia (which is pain during intercourse), chronic pain in the pelvis, lower back, rectum, vagina and groin. In addition to all these issues, our clients have been informed removal of the mesh is extremely risky in terms of potentially creating other health problems and it is not always possible either due to erosion or entanglement with other organs within the body.

Unsurprisingly these health issues have had a devastating impact on our client’s physical and emotional well-being. These cases are still ongoing and will take some time to reach a conclusion, however our clients are steadfast in their position that they received substandard medical care and we are proud to be assisting these ladies in attempting to achieve some form of justice for having their lives greatly impacted by the healthcare issues around surgical mesh procedures.

If you or a loved one has been affected by issues around a surgical mesh procedure, please contact our medical negligence team to discuss this further.